We set up Medstars in 2014. As experienced senior doctors, we had witnessed the lack of transparency evident in private practice. Poor regulation and confusing pricing structures were making it increasingly difficult for patients to find properly qualified independent healthcare practitioners near them that they could trust. And it wasn’t much better for the practitioners either, who found that getting paid properly for the work they were doing wasn’t always easy. So no one was getting a fair deal and something needed to change.

A really positive experience using airbnb inspired us to think about how that direct person to person model could be applied to paid-for healthcare. Wouldn’t it be great if a patient could find, book and connect with a practitioner instantly? Their profile and charges would be clearly set out along with their availability and patients could read reviews and compare before making a choice, booking and paying for treatment there and then. Instead of endless Google searches and trawling websites, let’s build a single online community of trusted health professionals who share our values of openness and transparency. And so Medstars was born.

As well as being regulated*, all Medstars practitioners are hand-checked by us and we keep a close eye on patient satisfaction to make sure they’re getting the standard of treatment they need.

Since then we’ve grown our community of practitioners across the UK and made it easy for patients to get access to the very best paid-for healthcare, and that makes us all feel a lot better.

Stay well,

Mahnaz and Barry

*Only health specialists who are members of (and can therefore be ‘struck off’ if they fail to maintain standards) one of the UK’s 9 statutory regulatory bodies such as the General Medical Council, the Nursing & Midwifery Council and the Health Care Professions Council can list on Medstars.