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We're a community of outstanding regulated health professionals who believe that paid-for healthcare should be transparent and accessible for patients to navigate.

Compelling profile showcasing your expertise

Attract new patients

Co-create engaging digital content

Sensitive promotion across social media

Gain search engine visibility


You know that choosing good healthcare online isn't like booking a hotel room. Medstars is all about shared values. Our relationship with you is at the heart of helping patients connect with the best specialists.

Only selected practitioners are eligible to be part of our online community, and joining is by invitation or formal application only. Eligibility is based upon expertise, peer review, geographic location, and number of current Medstars practitioners already within your speciality and area.

Practitioners must be UK-based and part of one of the nine statutory regulatory bodies such as the GMC and the HCPC. Doctors should also be on the GP or specialist registers.

Once we've run our background checks and got to know you better, our expert team of clinicians, tech geeks and marketers will work together to help you create a professional online presence and attract new patients.

Because we're doctors, we understand how busy you are! That's why we'll be sure to do all the hard work. We'll create your own yearly marketing strategy which will be broken down into quarters and within each quarter we'll produce digital content such as social media posts, blogs and videos.

We'll fit around you and arrange to meet or chat on the phone to get to know you better and best understand how to promote your expertise and interests.

All this is included in our introductory membership fee of £300 + VAT/year


Alan Dovey

I like Medstars because it’s a transparent, honest and ethical business based on sound principles of ensuring the public can access appropriately trained and qualified individuals for their healthcare.

Alan Dovey, Psychotherapist