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As experienced senior doctors, we'd become concerned about what we saw as the lack of transparency for patients in private practice. Poor regulation and confusing pricing structures was making it increasingly difficult for patients to find properly qualified independent healthcare practitioners that they could trust.

Instead of endless Google searches and trawling websites, we wanted to build a single curated community of trusted health professionals who share our values of openness and transparency. Doctors have long recommended colleagues to their family and friends. We wanted to widen this opportunity by showcasing the kind of specialists – vetted, peer-recommended, ethical, courteous and transparent - we would recommend to our own family and friends, on a platform accessible to everyone.

And so Medstars was born.

Our free online platform features individual practitioner profiles, displaying expertise, prices and location along with their usual availability and patient testimonials to ensure patients can make an informed decision and choose the right health professional for them.

For more complex health problems, we created Medstars Concierge, a premium private patient advocacy service where our doctors personally speak with you, research and take you through to booking the right consultant.

As well as being regulated*, all Medstars health specialists are hand-checked by us and we keep a close eye on patient satisfaction to make sure they're delivering excellent healthcare.

We're continuing to grow our trusted community of practitioners across the UK to make it easy for patients to access to the top paid-for healthcare.

And that makes us all feel a lot better.

* Only health specialists who are members of (and can therefore be “struck off” if they fail to maintain standards) one of the UK's 9 statutory regulatory bodies such as the General Medical Council, the Nursing & Midwifery Council and the Health Care Professions Council can feature on Medstars.


Dr Mahnaz Hashmi



When I'm not trying to dream up new ways to make healthcare work better for patients and health professionals, I work as a consultant psychiatrist in inner-city Birmingham. I'm especially interested in anthropology, why illnesses are different in different cultures, and the overlap between physical and mental health. I love camping with my family and supporting organisations that make the performing arts and good-quality healthcare more accessible to everyone


Dr Barry Lambert



Access to good quality healthcare is a basic right, and I believe that designing healthcare differently, innovating and challenging the status quo can lead to better outcomes. Working as a consultant paediatric anaesthetist in Birmingham, I've championed new ways of assessing children who need operations, so they are much less likely to be cancelled on the day of their surgery. Outside of the operating theatre I'm an improving cyclist and tennis player with 3 lovely and energetic children


Leticia Prada
Brand Ambassador

I love learning from revolutionary marketing strategies & techniques, reading about ancient History and watching crime series. A cat person that (surprisingly) loves being surrounded by family and friends, and if it’s in a sunny terrace, even better!

Claudia Cardinali
Digital Marketing Intern

You'll find me with my head in a book when I'm not thinking about going for a run... With a degree in International Relations I like to keep my international knowledge tip-top and visit new places as often as I can. I spend a shameful amount of time on Instagram 'because it's my job'.

Scott Nicholson
Web Developer

When not coding, I like to spend time outdoors. With a passion for watersports, I regularly enjoy kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. I am also a keen climber at my local bouldering centre.

Andy Lorenz
Senior Web Developer

As a dog owner, every day starts with a long walk - whatever the weather. In my spare time, I am a keen guitarist and have been known to gig! I also love sailing, cycling, but normally find myself too busy keeping my wife happy..

Nikhil Mahatma
Medstars Doctor

When I am not working as a general practitioner, I like to find ways to better myself not only professionally but personally. I am a keen sports fan and enjoy going to the movies. I try to travel as much as possible and love spending time with my family.

Daksh Sharma
Digital Marketing Lead

High adrenaline kicks, cycling, running and travel. And pretty into digital marketing too.

Melissa Leffler
Lead Content Writer

I’m a writer and editor specialising in putting complex ideas into simple language. Outside work, I enjoy canoeing, cycling and running, often in company with husband and children.

Demi Sanders

I am a history graduate specialising in Caribbean history. I love going to live gigs, visiting new cities with friends and spending time with family (especially my lovely niece and nephew). I also spend a shameful amount of time binge watching TV series…

Shubhronil Talukdar
Digital Marketing Strategy

You'll always find me thinking deeply - mostly about how to do things differently. If not, then about food!

Ria Bajaj
Social Media Executive

Dance is my 'happiness therapy'! There's always room for new friends in my heart. Positivity is what keeps me going.

Arvind Yadav
SEO & Marketing Analyst

When I’m not pondering the intricacies of the Google algorithm, I enjoy listening to romantic Bollywood songs and reading books.


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