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As experienced senior doctors, we'd become concerned about what we saw as the lack of transparency for patients in private practice. Poor regulation and confusing pricing structures was making it increasingly difficult for patients to find properly qualified independent healthcare practitioners that they could trust.

Instead of endless Google searches and trawling websites, we wanted to build a single curated community of trusted health professionals who share our values of openness and transparency. Doctors have long recommended colleagues to their family and friends. We wanted to widen this opportunity by showcasing the kind of specialists – vetted, peer-recommended, ethical, courteous and transparent - we would recommend to our own family and friends, on a platform accessible to everyone.

And so Medstars was born.

Our free online platform features individual practitioner profiles, displaying expertise, prices and location along with their usual availability and patient testimonials to ensure patients can make an informed decision and choose the right health professional for them.

For more complex health problems, we created Medstars Concierge, a premium private patient advocacy service where our doctors personally speak with you, research and take you through to booking the right consultant.

As well as being regulated*, all Medstars health specialists are hand-checked by us and we keep a close eye on patient satisfaction to make sure they're delivering excellent healthcare.

We're continuing to grow our trusted community of practitioners across the UK to make it easy for patients to access to the top paid-for healthcare.

And that makes us all feel a lot better.

* Only health specialists who are members of (and can therefore be “struck off” if they fail to maintain standards) one of the UK's 9 statutory regulatory bodies such as the General Medical Council, the Nursing & Midwifery Council and the Health Care Professions Council can feature on Medstars.


Dr Mahnaz Hashmi



When I'm not trying to dream up new ways to make healthcare work better for patients and health professionals, I work as a consultant psychiatrist in inner-city Birmingham. I'm especially interested in anthropology, why illnesses are different in different cultures, and the overlap between physical and mental health. I love camping with my family and supporting organisations that make the performing arts and good-quality healthcare more accessible to everyone.


Dr Barry Lambert



Access to good quality healthcare is a basic right, and I believe that designing healthcare differently, innovating and challenging the status quo can lead to better outcomes. Working as a consultant paediatric anaesthetist in Birmingham, I've championed new ways of assessing children who need operations, so they are much less likely to be cancelled on the day of their surgery. Outside of the operating theatre I'm an improving cyclist and tennis player with 3 lovely and energetic children.


Joey Islam
Operations Manager

I'm second Dan in karate and I love spending time with my wonderful family.

Paul Moran
NHS Programme Lead

It's great to be working with the excellent team at Medstars. As a self confessed petrol head, I am a classic car owner and enthusiast and love hill climb events. My other passion is long country walks with our two Spaniels, even better with friends and family. I also have an interest in good science fiction, crime thrillers and Roman History

Linda Best
Head of Sales

I am very much a people person and enjoy quickly building relationships and creating conversations on how Medical Concierge can provide that second opinion to ensure you have the very best healthcare by seeing the right consultant for your individual needs. I enjoy attending events and meeting people, I am always on the lookout for a new bar or restaurant to experience. Planning my next trip to a new destination each year as well as spending time with my family and two boys!

Andy Lorenz
Senior Web Developer

As a dog owner, every day starts with a long walk - whatever the weather. In my spare time, I am a keen guitarist and have been known to gig! I also love sailing, cycling, but normally find myself too busy keeping my wife happy..

Charlotte Gallian

I don't need many excuses to be outside, whether it's walking my 2 dogs, gardening, cycling or driving my daughter all over the country to compete her horses. I also love sewing and making things for people

Sandeep Gill

Working with the Medstars team is great fun! On the days when we aren't building great solutions for healthcare, I love to plan the next great adventure abroad. Friends and family make the world go round, as does playing and spending time with our training guide dog puppy!


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Medstars understand the importance of online security. This is why we are certified by Cyber Essentials, to ensure your data is in safe hands.