A guide to international medical concierge services

Looking for easy to access private UK doctors from anywhere in the world? Our international health concierge service could be right for you. This guide highlights exactly what our international medical concierge services covers, how it works, and the benefits it can offer for you.

How does our international health concierge work?

Picture the scenario: you’re visiting the UK from abroad, and during your trip, you’ve started to feel unwell. You go to see a doctor who runs some tests, but during the course of that, you’ve are diagnosed with cancer.

Many questions may arise, such as where should you be for the treatment? When does the surgery need to happen? How much would this cost?

That’s where Medstars concierge service steps in. When urgent medical attention is required, you don’t often have time to waste looking for the right specialists and options, which is where we can take care of that for you. Once you’ve explained your condition and your requirements, we can get the boll rolling, setting you up with the right specialist for you, and putting your health first.

To set up your international concierge service today, all you need to do is fill in our simple form. This will ask you for your details, including name, date of birth and contact details, as well as providing a section for further information you are looking for help with if required.

Benefits of an international concierge service

Our international health concierge provides our members with a number of benefits, including:

  • Team of senior doctors – here at Medstars, we’re founded and run by a team of senior doctors who will take time to understand your condition, ensuring we find the best consultant for you.
  • Accurate diagnoses and treatment – our qualified team ensure patients are referred to the most appropriate specialists for them. It’s important you see the right specialist for your particular condition when travelling abroad, and an international concierge service will conduct thorough research to ensure this happens.
  • Access to UK private health care – many people want to travel to the UK specifically to get private healthcare here, which is where Medstars can help. These people can contact us, and we’ll make the arrangements in advance before they travel.
  • Medical billing – we can reduce stress by dealing with the billing aspects of your treatments, dealing with invoices on your behalf using our prepay cards. All invoices are transparent, meaning we never add any commission on top.
  • Peace of mind – sometimes, you can’t put a price on knowing your health is taken care. Being ill can be a stressful time for individuals and families, especially when abroad, so Medstars relieve this emotional stress so that you can focus on your health.

Concierge services at Medstars

As well as international concierge, we provide a range of medical concierge services ranging from corporate and family to individual based packages. Learn more about why companies should provide a medical concierge service from our detailed blog. For more information about our international health concierge services, contact a member of our professional team today.

Medstars Medical Concierge Service

Looking for extra guidance when it comes to your healthcare? Sometimes interpreting medical information and making the best decisions can be daunting and complicated. Our private medical concierge service provides easy access to top UK health experts. We guide our patients with genuine choice and trust, offering a bespoke service for anyone in the world seeking private UK healthcare. Learn more about Medstars Medical Concierge Service. Want to learn more about providing our medical concierge service as an employee benefit? Learn more about Medstars Medical Concierge for Business.