Guide to family medical concierge services

Looking for medical advice and peace of mind for your family? Investing in a medical concierge service can do just that. Whether you need a second opinion, mental health care or a top expert in the field of physiotherapy, a family medical concierge service can guide you through your healthcare journey with ease.

How does our family concierge work?

A medical concierge service helps you access the right practitioner for your health concern as quickly as possible, meaning you’re put in front of the right person at the right time. A family concierge works in the same way – but provides this advice and support for each member of your family, too.

Here at Medstars, our concierge service also includes taking care of all the administration around appointment booking and liaising with consultants, allowing you to focus on getting better quicker. Our packages guide our patients with genuine choice and trust, offering a bespoke service for all the family.

Benefits of a family medical concierge service

Our family concierge service provides our members with a number of benefits, including:

  • Accurate diagnoses and treatment – our specialist team ensures that patients and their families are referred to the most appropriate specialists for them from the beginning.
  • Expert senior doctors – here at Medstars, we’re founded and run by a team of expert senior doctors – meaning we will take time to understand your condition, ensuring we find the best consultant for you.
  • Peace of mind – sometimes, you can’t put a price on knowing your health is taken care of. Being ill can be a stressful time for families – Medstars relieve this emotional stress so that you can focus on your health.
  • No hidden costs – we provide simple, fast access to patients and their families with no hidden costs – simply putting your family’s health at the forefront.
  • Flexible use – choosing this family concierge plan means you have a team of doctors on hand for your family when they need it.

Concierge services at Medstars

As well as a family concierge service, we provide a range of medical concierge services ranging from corporate and international to individual based packages. Find out why companies should provide a medical concierge service from our detailed guide. For more information about our family medical concierge services, contact a member of our professional team today.

Medstars Medical Concierge Service

Looking for extra guidance when it comes to your healthcare? Sometimes interpreting medical information and making the best decisions can be daunting and complicated. Our private medical concierge service provides easy access to top UK health experts. We guide our patients with genuine choice and trust, offering a bespoke service for anyone in the world seeking private UK healthcare. Learn more about Medstars Medical Concierge Service. Want to learn more about providing our medical concierge service as an employee benefit? Learn more about Medstars Medical Concierge for Business.