Medstars in their Eyes | Mr Mark Wevill | Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon in Birmingham

Mark Wevill

Medstars met with consultant ophthalmic surgeon, Mr Mark Wevill, at the Westbourne Centre in Birmingham.

Mark specialises in cataract surgery and refractive surgery to reduce or eliminate people’s need for glasses.

With over 26 years’ experience and having performed over 6,000 cataract procedures and over 20,000 laser vision correction treatments, Mark is a true expert in his field of eye surgery.

Besides Mark’s obvious merit, what else differentiates him from the rest you ask? Well, Mark sometimes kayaks to work! So no chance of getting stuck in gridlock on the M6. He just has to watch out for the occasional unruly feathered friend…

Over to you Mark.


My friends and family describe me as…

“Kind, caring and professional.”

I love my job because…

“I love making people see better.”

My greatest professional accomplishment is…

“I’m really honoured when I get invited to speak at international conferences to audiences of my peers and my surgeon colleagues.”

If I wasn’t a consultant ophthalmic surgeon, I would be a…

“I’d probably be an architect. I like the creativity and I’d still be making a difference.”

Mark in his kayak!
My greatest personal accomplishment is… 

“Climbing Kilimanjaro with my family. It’s tricky when you’re travelling with a family of all ages and you want to arrive at the top together, but we made it!”

I’m inspired by…

“Mother Theresa. She selflessly served poor people and made a huge difference to people’s lives.”

The best advice I have been given is…

“It’s choice not chance that determines our destiny.”

My favourite place to visit is…

“I love working in a remote hospital on the border between Mozambique and Swaziland called the Good Shepherd Hospital. It’s a fantastic service restoring vision to poor people who live as far as hundreds of miles away. They do thousands of sight saving operations a year. The Hospital is also supported by Mercy Air who fly the eye care team into remote areas by helicopter.”

Mark volunteering
Music that makes me happy includes…

“Hmmm! Stormzy – Blinded By Your Grace. I also love Nabucco –  Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves. I have a wide range of musical tastes!” (This required a bit of playlist browsing from Mark…)

I like Medstars because…

“You’re fun, enthusiastic and supportive.”

You can book a consultation with Mr Mark Wevill, who has expertise in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, here.

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

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