Medstars in their Eyes | Mrs Leona Talsma | SLT & Dyslexia Teacher in Kent

Leona Talsma

Medstars caught up with expert speech and language therapist & dyslexia teacher, Mrs Leona Talsma.

Leona emphasises how SLTs are one of the few specialists working across a range of organisations from the NHS, schools and social services to the prison service.

With over 20 years’ experience, including time spent working within the NHS, Leona is an excellent choice of SLT and she is particularly skilled at working with young people, spending much of her time assessing children and young people in their home environment in the Kent area.

Leona’s extensive experience, combined with her upbeat and can-do character makes for an engaging and knowledgeable approach which helps to establish a partnership with both parent and child early on.

Introduction complete, we’ll pass you over to Leona herself.


My friends and family describe me as…

“(Following a poll of my friends…) it was fun, genuine and supportive!”

I love my job because…

“It draws on so many disciplines like medical science, psychology and teaching theory.  Our clients are unique and we have to apply this knowledge to work out how best to help them.”

Leona helping out with a Christmas function for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
My greatest professional accomplishment is…

“Those small moments when you have achieved positive change for your clients and their families.”

Another skill I’d like to master is…

“There are so many I’m unsure where to start. I would love to be able to speak more languages; know how to grow fruit and vegetables; be able to design jewellery and scuba dive.  I tried scuba diving once which was a mind-blowing experience.”

If I wasn’t a speech and language therapist and dyslexia teacher, I would be a…

“Something completely different like a jewellery or clothes designer. There is a creator in there somewhere that hasn’t had the chance to shine.”

Someone that inspires me is…

“I have been inspired by several older women who have entered and sadly left my life at various points. They have all taught me skills and things about life that have remained with me. My grandmother was my greatest inspiration as she taught me how to love.”

The best advice I’ve been given is…

“Smile when you first meet people, even if you feel daunted, and ask people questions about themselves to get the conversation going. People usually love talking about themselves.”

My favourite place to visit is…

“I haven’t been there yet – ask me in 10 years time as I have lots of travel plans!”

Speech and Language Therapist & Dyslexia Teacher, Mrs Leona Talsma, standing in front of Landmark in Thailand
Leona on a recent trip to Thailand
The music that makes me happy is…

“I really like the band Goldfrapp and have seen them live a few times.”

I like Medstars because…

“It has a community feel, it offers families the chance to find excellent healthcare and therapies, and it profiles practitioners in a unique way.”

You can book a consultation with Mrs Leona Talsma, who has specific expertise in speech sound disorders, developmental language disorders (DLD), dyslexia assessment 7+ years, dysfluency and higher level autistic spectrum disorder, here.

Speech and Language Therapist & Dyslexia Teacher

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