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What is a neurosurgeon?

A neurosurgeon is a medical specialist who treats diseases and conditions affecting the nervous system. This includes the brain, the spine and spinal cord, and the peripheral nerves. Neurosurgeons treat patients of all ages. Treatment may be provided through surgery or non-operative methods. Some of the conditions a neurosurgeon may treat include congenital anomalies, trauma, tumors, vascular disorders, infections of the brain or spine, stroke, or degenerative diseases of the spine. Neurosurgeons often treat conditions relating to back or neck pain with anti-inflammatory drugs before proceeding with surgery. A neurosurgeon is likely to specialise in a specific area of the body, such as the brain or spine. Spinal surgeons may focus on specific types of spinal problems, such as cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) disorders, spinal cord injury, or by age group. A pediatric neurosurgeon treats infants and children, while other neurosurgeons address conditions that affect adults.

When to see a neurosurgeon?

If you are experiencing consistent back pain, neck pain, leg pain, headaches or memory loss and the treatment being provided by your primary care doctor doesn’t seem to be resolving the issue, you should consider seeing a specialist. Neurosurgeons advise patients to consider a consultation if they are experiencing any issues that may commonly be regarded as symptoms of old age, such as memory loss.



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