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Medstars spoke with consultant gastroenterologist, Dr John Martin.

John works in London, both privately and in the NHS. He is a consultant gastroenterologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and is the Director of the West London Bowel Cancer Screening Centre, located at Charing Cross Hospital. John is also an accredited colonoscopist and examiner within the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme and somehow still finds time to teach at St George’s and St Mark’s National Endoscopy Training Centres.

John’s expertise in bowel cancer screening is reflected in his research into new methods for colorectal cancer, for which he was awarded an MD.

Over to you John…

My friends and family describe me as…

“Hardworking, compassionate and optimistic.”

If I wasn’t a gastroenterologist, I would be a…

“Dive Instructor. I love diving and admittedly, it would be nice to sit around in the sun.”

My favourite element of the job is…

“I enjoy the variety of my job. I would hate to do the same thing every day. On one hand, I love meeting and talking to new people and the personal contact I have with my patients. On the other hand, I also enjoy practical procedures, particularly removing polyps that will prevent someone from getting cancer.”

My greatest professional accomplishment has to be…

“Being involved in the development of bowel cancer screening.  I was involved in the original research for the Flexiscope trial, carried out in the UK in the late 1990s. This is the study on which Bowel Scope screening was based. It is an honour to have been involved in that research and then see the adoption of Bowel Scope screening. I now run the West London Bowel Cancer Screening Centre at Charing Cross Hospital. It is a great achievement to have seen it all the way through.”

Microscopic image of a benign colon polyp
Microscopic benign colon polyp

My hero/heroine is…

“There are a variety of people who have different qualities so it’s difficult to choose just one.”

I believe one thing everyone should do in their life is…

“Travel because it exposes you to different cultures and allows you to gain new ways of thinking.”

If I was stranded on a desert island, my belonging of choice would be…

“My phone so I could stay in contact with my family… and also have some sort of connection so I could check the Fulham scores.” Medstars are interested to know which of these John would use his phone for first!

If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life (breakfast, lunch and dinner), it would be…

“I would have to say curry.” Medstars struggles with the idea of a balti at 7am but we respect your decision John.

I would love to visit…

“The Grand Canyon.”

The artist that makes me happy is…

“Queen. I have been a fan since childhood. They produce a variety of quality music, and Freddie Mercury was a fantastic entertainer.”

Outside of the Charing Cross Hospital
Charing Cross Hospital – Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

You can book a consultation with Dr John Martin, who has specific expertise in colon cancer screening, colonoscopy, therapeutic colonoscopy, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), here.

Consultant Gastroenterologist

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