Medstars in their Eyes | Dr Prem Mahendra

Prem Mahendra at her desk

The ‘Beast from the East’ didn’t stop Medstars from meeting with Consultant Haematologist, Prem Mahendra, at her Birmingham clinic a couple of weeks back – even if we did arrive with the odd snowflake in tow!

Prem has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant haematologist, has set up one of the largest stem cell transplantation centres in the UK, has trained and continues to train junior doctors and has over 80 peer-reviewed publications! Needless to say, Prem is an in expert in her field.

Although it may come as a surprise for those of us who heartily pat ourselves on the back simply for getting out of bed some mornings, aside from focusing her energy on medical research and patient care, Prem still finds time to travel the world. Impressive? We certainly think so.

So, let’s find out what Prem had to say…

My friends and family describe me as…

“Kind, loyal and helpful.”

If I wasn’t a Haematologist, I would be a…

“From the age of 6 I wanted to be a doctor and by my third year of medical school I knew I wanted to be a Haematologist – I couldn’t envisage being anything else. I am the third generation of doctors in my family, following in the footsteps of my parents and both of my grandfathers.”

My favourite element of the job is…

“Communicating with patients.”

My greatest professional accomplishment has to be…

“Setting up the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Birmingham which is now one of the largest in the UK and performs over 200 transplants every year.”

My hero/heroine is…

“My mother. Growing up, she juggled working full time as a Consultant Microbiologist with caring for myself and my two sisters. She is now 88 years of age.”

I believe one thing everyone should do in their life is…

“Visit the Taj Mahal – it is most exquisite building!”

My favourite childhood memory is…

“Hanging out with my parents and sisters. I’m the middle child and there is 15 months between myself and my younger sister and 15 months between myself and my older sister so road trips were always fun!”

Prem Mahendra teddy bear
Prem always knew she wanted to be a doctor
If I was stranded on a desert island, my belonging of choice would be…

“My childhood teddy bear! He’s called Charles and I’ve had him since the age of 6.”

If I could be any animal in the world, I would be a…

“A panda bear because who doesn’t love panda bears?! I have visited The Chengdu Panda Base in south-west China and it was amazing! It’s one of the most respected panda conservation centres in the world.”

The one song that makes me happy is…

Let It Be – The Beatles.”

I like Medstars because it is…

“Selective, personalised, innovative and engaged.”


Prem Mahendra on holiday
Prem sporting her favourite band’s t-shirt on one of her many adventures

You can book a consultation with Dr Prem Mahendra, who has specific expertise in bone marrow transplantation, stem cell transplantation and haemato-oncology, here.

Consultant Haematologist

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