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You can no longer book an appointment with Mr Andrew Pearson via Medstars. However, you can still learn more about Andrew and his role as a Hip Surgeon from our Q&A below. If you’re looking for specialist orthopaedic care, take a look at our specialists at the bottom of this page. Looking for extra guidance when it comes to your healthcare? Learn more about Medstars Medical Concierge Service.

orthopaedic surgeon in Birmingham

Medstars met with consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Andrew Pearson, at The Priory Hospital in Birmingham.

Andrew specialises purely in orthopaedic hip surgery, performing over 400 hip replacements per year in Birmingham.

With particular expertise in correcting previous failed hip surgery, Andrew’s standards are exceptional and his surgical complication rates are low.

Just when you thought Andrew couldn’t get any more hip (bad joke?), he also presents at conferences around the globe, teaching other surgeons and carrying out research into new hip surgery techniques.

Now, over to Andrew himself…

My friends and family describe me as…

“Open, honest and engaging.”

I love my job because…

“I love the fact that I can transform peoples’ lives by performing a relatively straightforward operation. Patients come to me in pain and after surgery, they make a speedy recovery and can get on with their lives.”

My greatest professional accomplishment is…

“There are several things I’m proud of – one is getting to be a surgeon who specialises purely in hip surgery; another is becoming Medical Director at my hospital.”

If I wasn’t an orthopaedic hip surgeon, I would be a…

“I think I would still be somewhere in medicine, although I originally trained as a dentist! However, at medical school I began to change my mind after seeing all the opportunities available in medicine. I’ve always been quite a practical person and I think it’s fair to say I’m better at working with my hands than I am with my brain. I enjoy the challenge of surgery so I think it’s an area of medicine I’d have always ended up in.”

Andrew Pearson, orthopaedic surgeon in Birmingham

Advancements in my field include…

“Well, there’s a lot of technology around already to make the diagnosis of hip conditions relatively straightforward. I think the challenge has always been matching the treatment to the requirements of the patients, and with a lot of younger patients it’s important to ensure that what I can offer them matches their expectations.

In terms of treatment, I think over the next 10-15 years we’ll see the development of gene therapy and advancements in some of the treatments aimed at reversing the processes of cartilage damage and making cartilage regrow. When it comes to surgery, whilst I’m slightly sceptical, the big drive at the moment is around robotic assisted joint replacement surgery. So I think that in 10-15 years time, that will be the most common way of performing joint replacement surgery. At the moment there isn’t a wealth of compelling evidence that it makes a huge difference, but as the robots and computers become better, it may allow people to have a joint replacement performed in a more reproducible way and with more reliable outcomes.”

I’m inspired by…

“It’s probably going to sound quite corny, but I suppose I was originally inspired by my grandfather who was a doctor. I could see the job satisfaction that he got from helping people when they were at their most vulnerable so that inspired me to go into dentistry and then medicine. In terms of my surgery, I’ve been very fortunate in my training and I’ve worked with some very inspiring hip surgeons and thought ‘that’s exactly what I want to do’.”

The best advice I have been given is…

“I think the best advice is to be yourself, be honest with people and don’t try to be something you’re not.”

orthopaedic surgeon in Birmingham

My favourite place to visit is…

“Probably Venice. My wife and I went there on our honeymoon nearly 20 years ago, and we went back only a few years ago – but this time on the Orient Express which was quite an experience. It’s a beautiful city and it’s unlike anywhere else. Although I do know they call Birmingham the Venice of the UK!”

Music that makes me happy includes…

“I wouldn’t say there was a particular artist, but my era was the 80s. I also like a lot of 70s music as well. I like the music of David Bowie but there are so many songs I like I can’t put my finger on just one.”

I like Medstars because…

“It’s a refreshing way to introduce patients to the right doctor, ensuring their treatment is tailored and their needs and requirements are met. I’m a great believer that it’s about the patient and not about the clinician and making the sure the patient gets the best treatment available to them.”

You can no longer book an appointment with Mr Andrew Pearson via Medstars. However, you can book an appointment with one of our expert orthopaedic specialists below:

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