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Claire Fudge

It was wonderful to meet with Birmingham-based dietitian, Ms Claire Fudge – even if we did feel slightly guilty about skipping breakfast that morning! Oops.

A down to earth, passionate and approachable woman with 15 years’ experience as a clinical dietitian, Claire is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking advice for weight management and specialist diets for medical conditions such as diabetes and IBS.

With expertise in sports medicine and nutrition support, Claire is also the perfect fit when it comes to helping people fulfil their sporting potential. Claire works alongside sports psychologists and coaches for different sport bodies such as British Athletics, England Hockey and England Netball as a specialist for the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sports Excellence (AASE) programme supported by Sport England.

Without further ado, we’ll pass you over to Claire whilst we reflect on our decision to always take the lift…


 My friends and family describe me as…

“Active, empathetic, personable and witty.”

If I wasn’t a dietitian, I would be a…

“Stuntwoman because I like living life on the edge! Or maybe a vet. I grew up in the countryside around animals and I’d have loved a different challenge.”

Claire cycling in the mountains
I love my job because…

“It’s what everyone thinks or talks about 24/7…food! I love the variety of seeing different clients. For example, helping athletes get to finish line of their first Ironman or helping someone to improve their symptoms allowing them to have the confidence to eat and go out. I love the amazing partnership that is formed between the client and myself and I’m always privileged to accompany them on their journey.”

My greatest professional accomplishment is…

“A very broad answer but pretty much having had experience in every discipline of clinical and sports nutrition.”

One of Claire’s favourite holiday spots!
My greatest personal accomplishment is…

“My success in Ironman Triathlon and representing GB in my age group. It’s really hard – not just physically but mentally. I would say it’s taught me to focus. Plus, it drives most of my friends and relatives mad!”

Someone that inspires me is…

“This might sound a bit naff but my family. I’ve watched them work hard to achieve a successful family business in biscuits in the form of Thomas J Fudge! It’s made me a very determined individual only stopping when the  work is done. I always strive to do the very best when it comes to my clients, my career and my sporting endeavours.”

Claire and her friend cycling
The best advice I’ve been given is…

“Probably to “never, never, never  give up” – Winston Churchill.”

My favourite place to visit is…

“The seaside in the winter. It’s an escapism. I love the serenity, the sounds of the waves bashing the rocks and watching the power of the ocean.”

Claire’s favourite spot in Dorset
The song that makes me happy is…

“Everyone close to me knows I am terrible with names! So let’s just say I’ll pretty much listen to anything from a classical string quartet to some trance music! I love how music can transport your mind somewhere else or make you want to get up and move!”

I like Medstars because..

“It’s professional but personal. I love the ethos of how it matches the client to the clinician on such a personal level and also treats it’s clinicians with the same personal touch. It is what the private healthcare sector and those seeking it need to get the right treatment with the right clinician at the right time.”

You can book a consultation with Ms Claire Fudge, who has expertise in eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), sports performance nutrition and weight management, here.

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