Learn to love Mondays!

Make Mondays motivational!

“I don’t like Mondays” sang Bob Geldof in 1979 – and many of us feel this anxiety and stress on Sunday evenings.

Dr Hema Ananth, Consultant Psychiatrist and Medstars expert advises some strategies to help create a more manageable or even motivational Monday! Learning to recognise early signs of stress or anxiety is the first step in making positive change.

Evaluate your daily routines

Rebalance your Sunday to make a brighter Monday. Dr Hema Ananth suggests:

‘Learn not to choose Sundays for dealing with tasks that bring you down, and have routines and rituals that help to prepare you for the coming week starting with the hardest jobs first. Then finish the day with a reward – perhaps dining out, watching a film or playing a family board game.’

Make a good start to the week

Don’t start the week with a hang over – so avoid alcohol on Sundays. According to Dr Hema Ananthavoiding alcohol is a great move when it comes to banishing Sunday night fear.

It’s likely to make your mood worse and will only serve to make the morning commute more arduous if you’re nursing a hangover. 

Know when to seek help

It’s important to note that sustained feelings of stress or sadness accompanied by palpitations, nausea, headaches, poor quality of sleep or shortness of breath could be symptoms of an underlying anxiety disorder.

Dr Hema Ananth advises,

If you’re experiencing sustaining feelings of anxiety and stress or feeling constantly sad – don’t hesitate to seek help from your line manager or GP.

You can book a consultation with Dr Hema Ananth, who is an expert in managing anxiety disorders and depression, here.