Ultimate guide to how Medstars Medical Concierge works

Wondering whether a medical concierge is the right choice for you, your business or your family? Our dedicated guide covers everything you need to know about our health concierge, including benefits, costs and how to begin your concierge journey.

Different types of concierge services

Family concierge services

This type of concierge service provides medical advice and peace of mind for your family, helping to find the right practitioner at the right time for you. Whether you need a second opinion, mental health care or a top expert in the field of physiotherapy, a family medical concierge service can guide you through your healthcare journey with ease. Learn more about family medical concierge services from our dedicated guide.

Business concierge services

As a company or business, investing in a health concierge service is a great way to provide benefits for your employees, but also keep company downtime to a minimum. As a business owner, ensuring employee health benefits are at the heart of your company values is integral for both acquiring new talent and retaining existing staff. Through accurate diagnosis and treatment to reduced waiting times, learn why companies should provide medical concierge services for their staff from our guide.

Medical concierge FAQs

What are the benefits of using a health concierge service?

Some of the main benefits of using a medical concierge are:

  • Peace of mind – sometimes, just knowing you have the support of a team of experts who can put you in front of the right specialist when you need it is enough.
  • Reduces company downtime – for business concierge plans, having your employees taken care of can significantly reduce the amount of company downtime your business could face.
  • Fast-tracked care – with our team of senior doctors on hand, we can help to find the right practitioner for your medical ailment, and help to alleviate any time wasted bouncing from doctor to consultant, trying to establish what the best course of treatment is for you.

How much does a medical concierge cost?

A single concierge episode costs £250. Alternatively, monthly subscriptions for both the Family and Business packages start from just £10 per person. Payment details will be taken following your initial conversation with one of our team. We will then arrange for you to have a telephone consultation with one of our expert doctors to understand what you are looking for.

However, it’s important to note that this fee does not include the price of your treatment – which is independent of Medstars, and may differ depending on your health insurance provider or self-paying fees.

How do I get started with Medstars Medical Concierge?

To arrange a health concierge appointment, contact Medstars by phone, email or our online enquiry form. A telephone appointment will then be arranged with one of our expert, regulated doctors, who will get to know you and your medical requirements. Using our extensive network, we will then help to find the right specialist for you.

For more information and FAQs around the medical concierge services available with Medstars, our dedicated page has you covered.Contact our helpful team today to discuss the medical concierge services available for yourself, your business or your whole family.