Doctors’ Mess

It is rare for medical decisions made by doctors to be tried in a criminal court but in November 2013 a jury at the Old Bailey found David Sellu, an experienced consultant specialising in gastrointestinal and colorectal surgery with a previously 40 year impeccable record of care, guilty of gross negligence and convicted him for manslaughter. Sellu’s name has since been cleared following a period of imprisonment, leading to debate amongst health professionals as to whether or not medical errors amount to criminal acts, and whether some of us are more likely to be convicted in a criminal court than others.

Art and medicine may not seem like the most obvious bedfellows. But stay with us and you will understand how original art and private healthcare can work together.

Your patients are likely to be more relaxed in a rather clinical environment with posters advertising cosmetic procedures, or in a more comfortable room with bright and interesting pictures on the walls? It doesn’t take a lot of thought to work out that people will be more comfortable in a more homely environment.

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