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50years on from the first moon landing we are entering into a new era of space flight – space tourism. Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese online fashion tycoon, has bought the first civilian ticket to fly to the moon and back on Elon Musk’s rocket SpaceX.

The flight is planned for 2023, so there is still time for would-be space tourists to both find the money required (which is considerable) and get fit enough for the journey. The journey, a figure of eight loops taking you around the earth, the moon and back again over 5 days in SpaceX’s Big Falcon Spaceship.

Getting a diagnosis of cancer is no longer necessarily a death sentence. As new treatments are developed, more people are surviving longer, including from cancers that were often considered fatal in the past, such as some blood cancers. But this in itself can create problems. We caught up with consultant haematologist Dr Shankara Paneesha to discuss the psychological impact of surviving cancer and adjusting to life in remission.

Acne is a skin condition that causes spots and oily skin. It is most commonly seen in teenagers because it is linked to the hormonal changes that happen during puberty—hence its common (and rather dismissive) alternative name of ‘teenage spots’. It can, however, occur at more or less any stage in life.

The main cause of acne is changes in sebum levels. These can cause pores to block, and also have an effect on the bacteria living on your skin. This, in turn, causes inflammation.

Around the world, private medical insurance is increasingly seen as an important element of employee benefits.

Medstars concierge is presented as a professional and efficient option that is run by doctors, so they can use their medical expertise to find the right healthcare professional for your employees.

This article published by 6Revs’ talks about the benefits of having an independent concierge service for your business.

Art and medicine may not seem like the most obvious bedfellows. But stay with us and you will understand how original art and private healthcare can work together.

Your patients are likely to be more relaxed in a rather clinical environment with posters advertising cosmetic procedures, or in a more comfortable room with bright and interesting pictures on the walls? It doesn’t take a lot of thought to work out that people will be more comfortable in a more homely environment.

Social media is a powerful and ever-growing presence in our society. It provides us with the ability to share, connect and engage with people all over the world and interact with our friends and family at the touch of a fingertip. However, it’s becoming evident that social media is not all it seems. With the help of dietitian Ms Claire Fudge and Dr Sukbinder Bilkhu we investigate how does social media influence eating disorders.

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