Health Matters

Social media is a powerful and ever-growing presence in our society. It provides us with the ability to share, connect and engage with people all over the world and interact with our friends and family at the touch of a fingertip. However, it’s becoming evident that social media is not all it seems. With the help of dietitian Ms Claire Fudge and Dr Sukbinder Bilkhu we investigate how does social media influence eating disorders.

When we hear the word ‘play’ we usually think that means taking a break from learning. But for children, play is learning. You may be under the impression that those first few games of ‘peek-a-boo’ did little more than melt your heart, but in this blog we’re exploring how play can develop your child’s speech, language and communication skills with the help of expert speech & language therapist, Mrs Leona Talsma.

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